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AJ Review of the End of Year Show 2014

 Student Shows 2014: University of Huddersfield

Richard Waite reviews the University of Huddersfield’s end of year show

'Huddersfield’s ‘special effort to impress’ has paid off. Previously let down by the school’s lifeless, office park-like home, the architecture show has come to life in the double height space of the university’s Quayside building.

In a reversal of last year’s fortunes the undergraduate work outshone the MArch efforts - the school handed out a record 18 firsts to its 65-strong Part I cohort.

According to school head Carl Meddings, the diverse intake of already skilled-up students from across Europe – in particular Romania, Greece and Cyprus – has help lift standards across the board.

Yet Huddersfield’s output remains as practical and nuts-and-bolts as ever. Even Danny Higham’s cavernous Memorial to the Vietnam War in Ho Chi Minh City – potentially an otiose promenade through light, shade and remembrance – has been made useful to the city as a cleverly designed link to the metro system.

Standout units & students

The school does not run a unit system but again showed a consistency of teaching and the school’s mantra of ‘contextual regionalism’ clearly underpinned most of the work displayed.

Part I student Ecaterina Stefanescu’s artist colony and art gallery in Ho Chi Minh City was impressive and accomplished. A strong idea – how to promote the underground art movement - with a considered response to the urban context and an actual building which could probably go on site next week….

Just received this message

Just received this message

Holmfirth exhibition


B.S. Johnson, “The Smithsons on Housing,” BBC, 1970

"Architects have always felt the need to build not for the occupying generation but to body out the ideals of their period in a way that they could be felt by generations that follow… we feel an obligation that is outside the present financial or economic situation to build for successive occupying generations." - Peter Smithson

"Unless a building outlasts its first users, we get no body of choice, no pool of housing from which people can choose how to live and where they want to live. More important, you get no build-up of a comparable body of quality… Therefore, maintenance of a quality object is a real cultural necessity." - Alison Smithson

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House within a House | Hiromi Fujii | Socks Studio

In his built project for the Todoroki residence (1976), the radical use of the grid produces an evolution of the traditional Japanese interior planning, where spaces were combined in layers. Every element which composes a conventional house is reinvented and relocated. The façades are just the exterior container of the multiple sequences of spaces nesting one within another. The openings are multilayered: they don’t just connect the interiors with the exteriors, but penetrate right into the core of the building. Their location and dimension, as well as for every interior wall, always refer to the three-dimensional main grid and its sub-divisions.

Exhibition of BA2 projects in Holmfirth

Exhibition of BA2 projects in Holmfirth